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Conserva Irrigation of Ft. Worth and Toro Is The Dream Team

Conserva Irrigation’s roots can be found in our name. We believe in irrigation systems and conserving the water used in irrigation throughout the Greater Ft. Worth area. It may seem at first that these two things are opposite because traditionally older sprinkler systems did not focus on water conservation. After witnessing years of wasted water our founders, Russ Jundt and Tom Olson, decided to form an exclusive partnership with Toro® to offer consumers the very best in irrigation and water saving products. What does this mean to you? Now you can do your part in helping save precious water while saving 40-60% in your irrigation system’s water billso (817) 953-8455 to speak with Conserva about how you can save money now.

The trifecta seen above in Toro products will have your irrigation system fine-tuned to give you the lush, green lawn of your dreams. Each product is able to wirelessly communicate with each other to give your lawn the precise amount of water needed in each zone, every time. Gone are the days of seeing irrigation system’s in Ft. Worth running full tilt in the rain or seeing very wet or dry spots in the lawn from inaccurate watering. These three components are critical in the process of conserving water and saving you money.

Toro EVOLUTION® Controller

Featured in the photo on the left is the Toro EVOLUTION® Controller. This controller is the Rolls Royce of controllers and full of features that will have any professional irrigation system running at an elite level, yet easy enough to use for any typical homeowner. It can store 40 years of weather data that is specific to your exact longitude and latitude. The controller saves the EvapoTranspiration data (E.T. data). What is E.T. data? This data is what evaporates through the air or transpires from the plants. It is the opposite of rain so to speak, think of it as the water that is leaving the earth instead of falling to the earth. It is important for your controller to know how much water is leaving so it knows how much water to give back to keep your landscaping in tip-top condition.

ET Weather Sensor

The middle picture is the Toro ET Weather Sensor. The ET Sensor is a small sensor about the size of a deck of cards and it records the current weather conditions throughout your landscaping and communicates that information to the EVOLUTION Controller. While the controller is saving the history of the weather, the ET Sensor is recording the current conditions. It is able to record cloud activity, any rainfall events, on-site ambient temperature, humidity levels and takes into account the amount of UV. Toro’s ET Weather Sensor is able to give the controller all the pertinent information to the controller so it can make smart decisions through the programmed algorithms to give the precise amount of water needed.

Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor

Even with all the data on weather conditions and historical weather patterns the truth lies in the soil itself. The Toro Precision™ Soil Sensor relays the current soil conditions to the controller to dictate the amount of water needed. Using two 6-inch stainless steel probes, it can determine how much water is needed. Having a soil sensor in each zone will allow for proper watering that is zone specific each time your Ft. Worth irrigation system cycles through.

If you are ready to do your part in helping conserve water while saving 40 – 60% in your monthly Ft. Worth irrigation system water bill, then call us (817) 953-8455or email us. Consrerva Irrigation and Toro can give you the very best in irrigation technology.

Toro Smart Irrigation Technology

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