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We all have a role in protecting our water in the Greater Fort Worth area. Conserva Irrigation of Fort Worth has listened to you and the city, now we are ready with our water conserving irrigation systems to help you get the rich landscaping that you want. To have one of certified technicians visit your home and talk to you about how we help conserve water while giving you that beautiful, lush, green lawn then give us a call at (817) 953-8455

Why is Water Conservation in Fort Worth Important?

To have a good understanding of the importance of water conservation then we must understand the numbers behind this finite resource. Water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface. Around 97% of that 70% is undrinkable salt water. Another 2% is frozen in glaciers and at the Polar caps. After all the math, we are sadly left with just 1% of the earth’s water that is available for drinking and using for irrigation.

So, Where is the Water Going?

That is a great question. When we break down a typical water bill we find that the majority of your water expense, roughly 59%, comes from water irrigation and water irrigation waste if you have an older system.
Following irrigation, the next highest water users in your home are toilets 11%, washing machine 9%, showers 6%, faucet use 5% followed by a handful of other things such as water leaks and dishwashers to round out your water usage. To learn more about water and water usage in the Fort Worth area then visit Fort Worth Water Usage.

The United States wastes an insane 1.5 billion gallons of water every day in older, poorly performing irrigation systems. Recognizing this senseless waste, Conserva Irrigation decided to make a difference. In 2010, our founders Tom Olson and Russ Jundt designed an irrigation system that exclusively uses Toro® products with two goals in mind. . . conserve water and save you money.

At Conserva, we aim to be as eco-smart as possible and we can install an irrigation system that can save 40-60% of water over a traditional irrigation system. We are able to do this by using the perfect trinity of Toro Products, The EVOLUTION® Smart Controller, Precision™ Soil Sensor and the Toro ET Weather Sensor. Combined these three Toro products can record, adjust and predict exactly the amount of water your landscaping will need in order to give the lawn you want while conserving water and saving you money. We also have available an entire catalog of other Toro products to fine-tune your system for water conservation and ease of use.

Can You Retrofit My System to Conserve Water?

If you have an older system that someone else installed, no problem. . . we can still service your older system and retrofit your sprinkler system to help aid in the Greater Fort Worth in water conservation effort while saving you money. Most customers who upgrade their system will see 100% payback in less than three years. With a Conserva system, you will know that your sprinkler system is always “Fort Worth Friendly”.

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Water in Fort Worth is an extremely valuable resource. With the existing ordinances in place, we want to help you do your part in conserving water while giving you the lush, green lawn that you desire. If you are ready to help save water while lowering your monthly water bill, then give us a call at (817) 953-8455 or email us [email protected] .

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