Conserva Irrigation Helps Target Save Over 36 Million Gallons of Water.

In July of 2018, the National Irrigation Association awarded Conserva Irrigation the prestigious Vanguard Award for the continued work they have done with 320 Target Stores across the nation that has resulted in in over 36 million gallons of saved water.

Target formed the Target Corporation Sustainability Project in 2016 to search for ways to save water and become more eco-friendly at their irrigated properties. Forming a partnership with Conserva Irrigation, we were able to offer Target a “common sense” approach to retrofitting their existing systems with our exclusive Toro® technology and the results speak for themselves.

While Target knew they wanted to do something to help save water and during a meeting with Conserver founder, Russ Jundt, Target asked, “What are you selling? I said, … I just want to solve your water problem.” And that is exactly what Conserva did! After a three-year journey, the results have proven to be incredibly successful while showcasing how Conserva Irrigation commercial irrigation systems continue to help business’ save water with their time-tested and proven lawn sprinkler systems.

Conserva of Ft. Worth Can Help Your Business Also

Regardless of the size of your business, our professional approach and goals remain the same. We can help any sized business save money and save water in their commercial sprinkler system. We have worked with local companies, business parks, and national chains and we continue to help businesses save 40-60% of the water they use in their irrigation system every time. We begin by thoroughly examining your system for broken sprinkler heads and for any other sprinkler system repairs you may need. If it is a business with just you or 1,000 employees, we can keep your landscaping looking lush and green.

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Conserva’s commercial irrigation systems can help your business save water and save you money. Call (817) 953-8455 or email us to talk with a certified lawn sprinkler system professional at Conserva about what we can do for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Learn more about how the partnership between Target and Conserva Irrigation has dramatically helped reduce the amount of water Target uses at their stores. Read the excellent write up in Irrigation Green Industry to learn more about how Conserva has helped Target save over 36 million gallons of water.

Conserva Irrigation can help your business whether large or small with all of your lawn sprinkler system needs.

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